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W. Daniel J. Parfitt

Based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I continually pursue my expansive array of passions ranging from film, art, and fiction writing, to philosophy, theology, and the betterment of my fellow generations. Be it book, film, design, or advertising, I tell a story in everything I do. In May 2020, I will have graduated from DeSales University with a BA in Media Studies and a focus on Graphic Design.

Past experience includes two years as Videographer, Video Editor/Producer, and Social Media account manager at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival as well as one year as a Marketing Intern with DeSales University.

In design, my reserved use of color maintains a classical yet sophisticated approach to minimalism. My main exception to this is my occasional use of natural themes and earth tone colors. Though these are my preferred methods, I am not confined to them, solely. 

I truly believe that there is nothing more powerful, nothing more effective at communicating with the human soul, nothing more capable of changing the world than a well-told story or a thoughtfully composed design.

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