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'Skyswan' Concept

This 'Skyswan' concept logo utilizes deep, royal blue colors against a steely white to create an elegant and luxurious tone suitable for airline or cruise line businesses.

Animated Title

Here's a logo animation

I made for the JFG Media Productions

brand. Three elements the client gave were modern, minimal, and sleek. 

Software Logo

This concept and animation was designed with the intention of utilizing the Golden Ratio to create a minimal yet effective logo suitable for a wide variety of software type brands.

Kinetic Typography

A muted earth-tone color scheme with a strong font and minimal animations evoke a WWII era military mindset to present a bold message.

Google Analytics
Data Animation

When presenting data, too many words can get messy and confusing. Images, animation, and proper layouts can present all the needed information without the extra terminology.

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